Prosper Marketplace, ein US-amerikanischer Kreditmarktplatz für Konsumentenkredite, hat heute eine neue Kooperation mit der Radius Bank bekannt gegeben, die von nun an die Prosper-Plattform in ihr Angebot aufnehmen wird. Die Radius Bank ist eine Full-Service Bank, die in den gesamten USA Kunden über eine in der Industrie führende ,virtuelle Banking-Plattform betreut.

Die Partnerschaft integriert den Prosper-Kreditmarktplatz in das innovative Banking-Angebot der Radiusbank, die leichten Zugang zu Krediten und kostengünstige, benutzerfreundliche Banking-Lösungen anbietet. Dadurch werden Kredite der Radius Bank in Zukunft zur Finanzierung durch Investoren auf dem Prosper-Kreditmarktplatz bereitstehen.

Itzik Cohen, Chief Business Officer bei Prosper Marketplace, kommentierte:

“Radius is recognized as a bank providing a next-generation banking experience, just as Prosper Marketplace is using technology to offer the platform’s members a new and better way to borrow and invest money. We’re looking forward to working with Radius Bank to bring clients access to a personal loan product that offers competitive rates and transparent, easy-to-understand terms.”

Die in Boston, MA beheimatete Radius Bank ist bekannt dafür, modernste Technologien anzuwenden, um den eigenen Kunden das bestmögliche Nutzererlebnis und größte Flexibilität zu bieten. Dabei verlässt sich die Radius Bank auch auf Kooperationen mir anderen innovativen Fintech-Unternehmen. Erst kürzlich verbesserte die Radius Bank Ihr digitales und mobiles Banking-Angebot, optimierte die mobile Account-Eröffnung, installierte eine reward-pay-down-Funktion für Studentenkredite in Partnerschaft mit SmarterBucks sowie ein innovatives Girokonto in Kooperation mit Aspiration Partners LLCRadiusbank

Mike Butler, President und Geschäftsführer der Radius Bank, sagte:

“We are challenging the traditional banking model by looking for new, innovative ways to bring exceptional products and services to market. Our partnership with Prosper Marketplace allows us to continue to fulfill that commitment, while also aligning us with a company that shares a digital, forward-looking approach to personal banking.”

In einem erst kürzlich erfolgten Interview mit Chris Skinner, verriet Prosper President Ron Suber mehr über die Zukunft der Prosper-Plattform und DES P2P-Lendings.

“We’re connecting people who want to invest their money, and get their money back with a return. That’s debt crowdfunding. This is very different to equity crowdfunding, which is investing in projects or companies rather than lending. In debt crowdfunding, long term, I’d see a day when there is a portal where people in the UK and Europe, South and Latin America, Asia, North America and all over the world, could all go onto a site and invest money. I also see this portal where borrowers and investors from around the world can go and meet. This is the beginning of innovation in these markets, and there is big growth in front of us. I’m more excited to be in this industry today than I’ve ever been.”

As data becomes more readily available and funding and capabilities of the leading platforms can process that data and create access to terms and loans for different people in different areas, it is possible. I also think investors around the world are all looking for the same thing. For example, I just got back from travels around the world including China and Italy, telling the Prosper story. There is no place in the world that investors aren’t looking for yields of short duration that reports interest daily and pays monthly, and that’s exactly what we’re doing here.w

„There are also many benefits to the borrower around speed and convenience. People who apply for a loan through Prosper can be at home 24 hours a day and have a great experience. They don’t have to put on a suit and walk out to the bank and hope that a loan officer would give him a loan, like my father did. Online marketplaces for credit are far more efficient for investors and borrowers, to meet and do business together.“